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About Us


Congregation Shalom Rav is an inclusive, participatory, and innovative Reconstructionist and Renewal Jewish community in Austin, Texas.

Shalom Rav chose the name “Abundant Peace” in the hope that what we do in the community as a congregation contributes to establishing peace in the world. We welcome individuals and families of diverse backgrounds and invite them to experience Judaism by exploring ancient traditions within our 21st-century context of values. We emphasize prayer, ritual and learning for adults and children.

Congregation Shalom Rav is now affiliated with both Reconstructing Judaism and ALEPH:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal!

What is ... 

What is Reconstructionism?

Reconstructionists approach Judaism—and life—with deep consideration of the past and a passion to relate it to the present. Applying our understanding of Judaism as the evolving religious civilization of the Jewish people, we draw from the rich wellsprings of Jewish tradition to face the challenges and opportunities of the current moment.

The name “Reconstructionism” was adopted by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan in the 1920s to communicate that Judaism itself—its structure, beliefs, rituals, customs and culture—must be “reconstructed” in each generation to renew its relevance and ensure its sustainability.

Visit the Reconstructing Judaism website for more information HERE.  

What is Jewish Renewal?

Jewish Renewal is a transdenominational approach to revitalizing Judaism.

We combine the socially progressive values of egalitarianism, the joy of Hasidism, the informed do-it-yourself spirit of the havurah movement, and the accumulated wisdom of centuries of tradition.

Renewal is an attitude, not a denomination, and offers tools to all branches of Judaism.

Renewal seeks to balance forward-thinking with backward-compatibility. We know we can’t drive if we’re only looking in the rear-view mirror, but neither can we move forward if we don’t know where we’ve been.

Visit the ALEPH:  Alliance for Jewish Renewal website for more information HERE.

Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784